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My name is Dierrica Bowden and I am the Founder and President of Back To Black. I created this organization to be a beacon in black communities. A place that offers educational resources, life skills and training. My hope is that we shed light on problems plaguing our communities and find effective ways to correct them. It is important that we unlearn toxic behavior and stereotypes and uncover our true identity & greatness!


My name is Jessica Pitts and I serve as the Director of Finance and Fundraising for Back to Black. My job is to secure funding, recruit potential donors, and organize fundraisers that will allow us to obtain funding needed to provide a variety of services to the often underserved, but, more than deserving, black and brown communities. My goals is to utilize my years of experience and skills acquired to ensure that we secure and maintain funding that will be used to greatly serve our communities.


My name is Morrise Metts and I am the Director of Community Development for Back To Black. In that role I hope to provide a safe place for information and resources. I want to educate our communities and help our neighborhoods become independent and self sustaining; and in doing so, offer a stepping stone for people that look like me.


My name is Victoria Izard and I am the Director of Operations & Logistics for Back To Black. I became a part of this organization to make a difference in the lives of children and adults of color. I believe it is crucial for Black and Brown children To have resources and opportunities as every other child in America; and to have tools at their disposal to help them thrive.

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