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We are on a mission to bring about much needed change
in our communities. Join us in our efforts to do so.

Back To Black was created to be a beacon in the black community. We are an organization that provides tools for intellectual expansion, resources for improved health and access to workforce training. It is our goal to unlock the hidden talents that are waiting in the minds of our youth. We want to spark academic enthusiasm, teach self-sustaining life skills and introduce cultural education that our children aren’t learning in school.

We partner with black owned organizations, businesses, and agencies to bring resources to our communities that, a lot of times, are not offered. We want to create an environment just for us! A curated space that introduces our youth to a world of cultural learning and skills that will stay with them for life. They’ll learn new talents and trades and gain access to college materials that may not have been easy to find before now. And we’ll open their minds to true African History as it pertains to us today.

Our mission is to create a self-supporting network of black communities, businesses and resources. A system designed solely by us and exclusively for us. Growing our own foods, maintaining our own neighborhoods, patronizing our own shops and markets. While paying homage to the past, we’re reimagining the future. We believe the narrative can be amended, and we can rebuild what once was… A modern day Black Wall Street in the making.



Back To Black is a nonprofit eager to get boots on the ground. A team of 5 Black women directing several initiatives that we hope will make a huge impact on our communities.


Building a community of organizations, volunteers, and all-around good doers to introduce the resources, tools and opportunities TO the Black community, BY the Black community.


We want to promote pride, solidarity, and prosperity among black people. To strengthen our kinship, deepen our commitments, and maintain consistent unity.






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